Memory loss??

As my 51st year approaches quickly, I realize that I have signs of aging that I try to ignore as most do. Aches and pains, and a memory that is not as sharp as it used to be.

I have always admitted to having a bad memory, so I stay organized to prevent myself from being stressed.
Last month was a particularly stressful month for me because I truly thought I was developing dementia, Alzheimers, or some sort of total memory loss.

No, I had not gotten drunk and forgotten what I had done, haha.



My husband gave me a trip back to the states for my birthday and Christmas! While booking the trip he needed my passport.


I knew where it should be, where I should have put it but it was not there. I went through every possible place that I could have put it. But I could not remember! I seriously thought that I must be having signs of major memory loss.

For 3 weeks I tore the house apart. I looked under mattresses, I unpacked all my drawers and repacked them (more than once), I went through trash, called the last few places we had been to see if it had fallen out of my pocketbook, called friends whom we had visited, …finally, we decided that I would have to get a new one.

I told my husband, I would never again fuss at him for losing things because I had lost THE single most important thing I had living in Denmark.

I had been in tears more than once over this incident.


I decided to look through the office one more time. I do not know what prompted me to look in the printer ….but THERE it was, laying on the scanner face down. Again, I thought I had lost my mind. I did not remember putting my passport there or why. It was a relief, but also scary that I could not remember doing that. I called to my husband that I had found it!!!

He started laughing and he called back to me, “hmmmm, oh yeah, I needed to make a copy of it for the government tax office!”


Seriously!!!!!!! I am not losing my mind, but he is making me crazy!!!!!

Oh, the joys of marriage, haha.


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