I had a friend tell me that she could not imagine moving to another country. That didn’t surprise me because it really is not something for just anyone to try. But when she told me that I was brave, I guess I understood more about why people do not do things out of their comfort zone.
When things take bravery, people tend to choose the easy path, the one they are familiar with.
I on the other hand have never taken the easy way to do anything. I have always made things harder on myself than was necessary. I tend to leap while having faith that something would work out.
Sometimes I do not know if that comes from courage or stupidity because not everything has gone as smoothly as I had wished.

I think back to when I was going through my divorce.  It was a scary thing to decide to leave my marriage of 18 years and start life on my own.  I had no idea of what career to have, where to live, or pay my bills.  I just knew that in order to become myself again, I needed out of the marriage.

Over and over again, I watched the movie Under The Tuscan Sun.

Under The Tuscan Sun
Under The Tuscan Sun

I gathered much of my courage from this movie.  Needless to say, I am the same age as Diane Lane, and I connect with her so much.  Though the movie was fiction, I felt empowered by a woman newly divorced taking chances in her life, moving abroad, fixing up an old house, creating a new life, and eventually finding love again.


Courage comes from having choices in life and choosing the path unsure of it’s outcome, but going for it anyway.

I guess there are many choices I have made that have been somewhat courageous in the past 10 years.  I can say that I feel liberated and unafraid to try more the older I get.  It is because of this I know I am experiencing things that many others will not.  I feel blessed, and I will continue to try things without knowing the outcome.  It truly makes me feel alive!



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