Respect… declaration

I opened my email the other day to see one titled in swear words that offended me right off the bat, telling me to “get the **** off ….” How on earth did I receive an email with words that I never use…well, rarely use, and only at myself not at others.Digital Respect

It seems that a fellow blogger decided that they could monetize themselves by creating a blog and a video channel that was not doing as well as they had hoped. I had subscribed, but did not have the time to check out the videos yet, but knew that I would at some point. I was trying to be supportive of my fellow bloggers and their ambitions.

I honestly was shocked, horrified, and disappointed in this blogger and I decided that I did not need to be treated with disrespect so I no longer follow the blog. I understand it was not directed specifically at me, but it was directed at all the followers who did not do other things this person wanted. I could not believe the utter nonsense of curse words that were there in my inbox.

I guess there is always a reason why people do things, and a “why” that they need to fill.  Somewhere along the way, some people lose their why for doing something. Or maybe their “why” should not be a “why” to begin with.

I started blogging for myself. Not to sell anything, not to become famous, not to make money, but to have a chronicle of my life, my thoughts, things I have learned along the way, and occasionally a funny story or two about life in general. Maybe someone will enjoy it, someone will notice similarities, someone will learn something they didn’t know. My why for my blog was a personal one without expectations, without hope that it would be viral, and with total respect for anyone who might read my blog. So everyone has a different why, but you should not treat others poorly because of your failures.

My Declaration

I understand that people work hard on their projects and some feel they should be compensated for it. “Go for it” I say, and I will support you how I can. But do not burden me with your expectations that might be crushed when you realize that it takes years to build up something. It takes work, it takes patience, it takes hmmmmm….more respect of those who are supporting you in whatever way they can.

I guess I needed to get this off my chest. I felt violated in a way that I never thought I could. Maybe I am too sensitive, but I rather like that I have values and ethics. Maybe I just expect too much of others. Whatever the cause, I felt I needed to write this post as a declaration from me to everyone:

I will treat you with respect and with compassion and to support you however I can.

It is in these ways I wish to make a difference in this world.



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