Cool Cool Summer

I must admit, one of the things I am enjoying about being in Denmark is this wonderful summer weather we are having.  Cool nights and nice days.  In fact, the nights are so cool we cannot even sleep with the windows open because of the chill!

Mmmmm, but I love it.  I come from the hot, sticky, humid, and sometimes unbearable summer heat of the south in the U.S.  Though there are times when I would like to be able to put a bathing suit on and sit in the sun, right now I will just enjoy being able to breathe, wear my jeans and comfortable t shirts without sweating, and walking to the harbor and beach without being worn out from the heat.

Denmark Strand
Greve Strand in Denmark

It will come though, I know it will.  I have been here every summer for the past 7 years and I have felt the heat.  The kind of heat that is stagnant, without any movement, and for sure oppressive at best.  I lived those days waiting for the nights to come.  Some nights were still too warm to sleep.

Oh yes, it will come.

when its hot
When it is hot in Denmark, head to the cold water!

I remember hot nights from my  youth.  The days before we had central air conditioning to cool our homes.  The difference is that we used fans to at least move the air and make the heat somewhat bearable.  Those were the nights I spent sleeping in my dad’s old holey undershirts that were so thread bear they did not hurt my sunburned skin. Those nights were ones of tossing and turning from being worn out from sun, heat, and the activities of the day. Those hot summer nights transformed into ones as a teenager sitting in the air conditioned living room watching tv late at night with friends. Best memories are made on hot summer nights!

Those summer nights of my youth were magical even though they were hot.  A bit like what I am experiencing now.  These magical cool summer nights in Denmark in a home that is starting to feel like mine, in a life that is starting to feel like mine, and married to my “Great Dane”, who is also starting to feel like mine, lol.  My new memories being made will include these cool nights with the doors and windows open, a sun that retires for the night at 11 pm, and a life filled with love.


“Skol” to summer evenings, long days, relaxed vacations, and time to reconnect with our families!


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