Where are the “ziplocs”….

One of the most challenging aspects to moving to a new country is that the products you knew and used before, even on a daily basis, is nowhere to be found in your new country.

I have found Denmark to be so progressive, beyond measure to some things in the US, but in other aspects, they lack the things I took for granted.  The best example of this is ziplocs.  I have for years been bringing ziplocs with me every time I traveled to Denmark.  My husband as well would pack boxes of them to bring back with him.  For years the only bags you could get just had a tie at the top so they would not hold anything that could spill, much less give you the ability to freeze food!  I will admit, in the US I found myself buying in bulk and using ziplocs to freeze food I had prepared so that I could have an easy meal later.  This is an idea that sometimes escapes the Danes.  There is no need to do that when items in the grocery are fresh, and their jobs allow them enough time to shop and prepare a meal for the family every day.  I on the other hand was used to cooking crockpot recipes on the weekend and stocking my fridge for the upcoming week.  Working 45-50 hours a week left me tired in the evenings and wanting something easy and quick without breaking my bank account by eating out, which is another common event in the US.

IMG_3017 [42477606]
Strange things I see in the grocery store.  Yes, that is deodorant not gasoline.
So some of the things I brought with me include…Truvia (because I cut out sugar years ago), Grits (yes, I am from the south), deodorant (because it is a solid and is not sold in Denmark), all the medications I am used to including my ibuprofen and allergy meds, and some other personal items which I have been unable to find in Denmark.  Luckily we have a store in the local mall that carries many American brands such as my shampoo ,hair color, and even my favorite candy.  I know that at some point I am going to have to let go of what is familiar to me and use all the Danish products, but for now, I have at least a year’s worth of my favorite things stored away for me to use as needed!


One thought on “Where are the “ziplocs”….

  1. Reblogged this on Dan Van Werkhoven and commented:
    Hah! This post rings so true for me. It is a big challenge to move to another country because of this. I don’t know if I’ll be able to give up Vegemite though. I will have to keep putting in orders to my family to make sure I remain well stocked.


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